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David M. Marks, Chairman: - Marine Growth Ventures, Inc.

Private Company Experience:

David Marks has served as the Trustee of the Irrevocable Children's Trust, Irrevocable Children's Trust No.2 and Phoenix Business Trust since 1994, where he oversees all trust investments, with responsibilities that begin pre-acquisition and extend throughout ownership, operation, and disposition. David has played a key role in all acquisitions and management of the Trust's portfolio of commercial real estate, operating companies, and investments. David acts as officer, director or manager for most of the Trust's operating subsidiaries. These interests include investments in real estate, domestic and international manufacturing, construction, maritime investments, casino gaming, telecommunications and technology.

Public Company Experience:

David Marks is Chairman of Thomas Equipment, Inc. (OTCBB: TEQI), where he played a key role in the acquisition of Maxim Mortgage Corporation (OTCBB: MXMO), Pneutech-Rousseau Group, and the assets of Thomas Equipment, Ltd., creating an international public industrial equipment and fluid power distributor and manufacturer. Since completion of the acquisitions, Thomas Equipment, Inc. continues to execute on its Thomas² initiative through a world wide distribution agreement with Hyundai Heavy Industries, the opening of a new manufacturing facility in Busan, South Korea, innovative product development, and operational enhancements.

David Marks is Chairman of Ventures-National, Inc. d/b/a Titan General Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: TTGH), where he has played a pivotal role in taking the company public through a reverse merger and expanding operations to cover a national footprint by acquiring a complimentary east coast manufacturing division. David continues to control the largest voting block of this publicly traded company on behalf of Irrevocable Children's Trust and its affiliates.

Transactional Experience:

David Marks has participated in real estate acquisitions, refinancings, and dispositions ranging in size from single asset transactions under $1 million to portfolio transactions in excess of $170 million.

Private and public operating company transactions have ranged in size from private transactions (under $1m to in excess of $40 million.) to public company transactions with market capitalizations in excess of $100 million.

David Marks has a B.S. in economics from the University of Wisconsin.

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